Thursday, April 27, 2006

Humanities Methods Assignment

Your assignment for Monday, May 1 is to defamiliarize yourself from your research topic.

Think about Professor Reddy's lecture in relation to your research:

1) Pose a question related to your research topic area that will lead to a nonverifiable story.

2) Pose a question that will lead to a verifiable story.

How are these questions different and what language do you use for each, i.e. what are the metaphors used?

Ask yourself:
How would different kinds of intellectuals read your stories?
How do the organized power regimes effect knowledge production?
What do I not know and WHY do I not know it?
What is the role of social and political reproduction in the governance of the nation state?

On Monday, be prepared to present the two questions, be self-reflexive, and discuss some of the points listed above (or you may refer to other points brought up in Weds discussion).
Please post assignment to blog.

Professor Reddy's Bio His book in progress is titled: The Migrating Present. This is a working title.

Listen to Lecture

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Readings for Weds

Weds, April 26 reading assignment:
Read 3-5 pieces of your choice from Amsterdam: A literary companion. Sections are divided into themes:
"City and People"
"Red-Light District"
"Centraal Station and Beyond"
"Gay Amsterdam"
"Jewish Amsterdam"

You can always read more, but minimum is 3 short stories. Also you'll need to post to Blog. No other reading assignments for Wed at this point.

Our guest speaker for Wed is Professor Chandan Reddy.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Undergraduate Research Symposium, May 19

Poster Session
Guidelines for Poster Session and Workshop session dates
Mentor: Julie Villegas
Shane Richards
Colin O'Rourke (student lead)
Lindsey Britt
Tim Prouty
Kathy Wei
Erika Reinitz

Guidelines for presentation
Mentor: Clifford Tatum
Chris Blair
Belinda Luk (student lead)
Shilpa Coorg
Lisa Mahlum
Lacy Cooper
Demi Antzoulatos

Please visit the Symposium Website for more information
Symposium Schedule

Friday, April 21, 2006

Assignment 1 - Interent Research

Greetings All,

For monday each of you will need to analyze 3 internet sources related to your topics. You should look for sites with human interaction about your topic (not just informational sites). Explore the site for artifacts (discourse, contacts, information, experts, etc.) related to both the research topic and the kinds of people involved with your topic. Sites that you might find useful include: event/conference websites, portals, universities, not-for-profit organizations (.org), government institutions, blogs, social networks, etc.

For each site, identify at least one person (by name and email address) who is relevant to your topic and who you believe would reply to your email. It is often the case that the higher the person's position/title, the less likely they will reply to random emails. This is not always the case but you should factor this into your plan.


1) Individual blog post: post the three sites you selected and provide a short description of how the sites and/or individuals would be useful to your research goals.

2) Group presentation: consider all of the sites collected by the members of your group and choose three to present to the class. In your presentation, discuss both the affordances and limitations of Internet research with regard to your research goals.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Individual Meeting Schedule

Schedule for Individual Meetings

Monday, April 17

Tuesday, April 18

Wed, April 19

Thursday, April 20
4:30--Lisa Mahlum

Friday, April 21

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Class Discussion Wed, April 12

Discussion based on film "Submission" and chapters 11-16 in The Undutchables and Gordijn article on pragmatic tolerance (from reading packet):

"Is it o.k. for a culture to restrict immigration on the grounds of intolerance, i.e. if individuals show intolerance of other cultures/peoples, should immigration be restricted?

How will the immigration policies in other countries effect U.S. anti-immigration policy?

How far is too far in satirizing a culture? Case in point, The UnDutchables. Does this cross the line?

What are examples of satire focused on American culture? One local example: t.v. show "Almost Live". What is the American version of The UnDutchables?

How does the world see American pre 9/11 vs. post 9/11? Did the world loose hope in American people after reelection of George Bush? Before reelection, other countries blamed the administration, not the people, but after election, faith in the American people was lost.

Recommended book: Silent No More: Confronting America's False Images of Islam (by Paul Findley)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Research Abstracts

Greetings all,

As mentioned last week, your blog post for next Wednesday is a preliminary research abstract. It should be a maximum of 300 words and you should work together with your group to produce the abstract. It should be general enough to include your individual projects yet specific enough that it addresses some problem or situation in Amsterdam.

The abstracts should include 1) a short description of the topic (this can also be a problem statement), 2) the relevance/importance of the research, and 3) the planned research method(s). This is due (on your blogs) before class on Wednesday.

Research Groups:

1) Dutch hip hop: Building Youth Communities
Melissa Andrada
Lacy Cooper

2) Dutch Healthcare
Belinda Luk
Shilpa Coorg
Erika Reinitz

3) Jewish Identity
Chris Blair
Lisa Muhlum

4) Urban Planning in Amsterdam
Lindsey Britt
Colin O'Rourke
Tim Prouty

5) Prostitution, Drugs, and Crime: For Better or for Worse?
Shane Richards
Kathy Wei

6) Islam, Information, and Media
Demi Antzoulatos
Engy Fahmy
Rebecca Martin

7) Virtual Third Place
Aarron Kemp
Kathleen Walsh