Thursday, May 18, 2006

Research Proposal--Basic Structure

Paradox and Progress || Spring Seminar H A&S 397A || due 12 june 2006
-- revised 18 May 2006 --

1. Revised abstract (200 words max)—the abstract will be close to its final draft, but does not need to be THE final version.

2. Background (~1000 words) – an overview that synthesizes project for all group members This should include:
  • Literature review (from your readings discuss what are the core issues, common concerns, and debates)
  • Context (Why is the topic relevant. How will it advance yours and others understanding of the field? Remember to consider why it is of personal interest to you.)
  • Problem(s) (what are the struggles you have encountered while beginning your research?)
3. Research Questions. This is where you set up your individual research as one component of the overall group research project. Spend one or two paragraphs developing your specific research question(s).
  • researcher 1
  • researcher 2
  • researcher 3 (if applicable)
4. Research Methods (~1000 words/approximately 2 pages, plus bibliography)
  • Discuss interdisciplinary and how it is or is not relevant to your project
  • Affordances- how is each method appropriate for your research
  • Limitations- what are the limitations of each method
  • Reflexivity- what biases and what assumptions do you bring to the project
  • Analysis- how will the data collected help answer/ask your research question)
  • preliminary bibliography (basic sources that demonstrate the direction you are taking in investigating your topic)
5. Human Subjects: discuss 1) your methods for recruiting (interview) subjects, and 2) measures taken to guarantee confidentiality and anonymity.

6. Daily research schedule while in Amsterdam (1-2 pages). You should have one consolidated schedule for the group. The schedules should include resources you will use in Amsterdam, i.e.:

• People (names, titles, etc.)
• Places (address)
• Equipment
• Information

7) Reference List (bibliography)

8) Interview guidelines (for your reference):

9) All work to be submitted via group wiki by midnight 12 June 2006


At 10:18 AM, Blogger Ilinca said...

Hi Guys!

I have to do an assignment for school, it's a little research about party popularity in the Netherlands and I'd be really grateful if you could contribute with opinions and maybe tell me where I could find more info (even in Dutch - I can read better than I can write).

Here is the research hypothesis:
"There is a direct positive correlation between the number and intensity of immigration issues and the popularity of right-wing and centre-right political parties promoting harsh immigration policies." I'm trying to see whether this is true or false, and to what extent. The question is where I could find information on how many immigration issues there were in certain years (mainly criminality, conflicts, integration problems, public debates) and on the evolution of the popularity of different parties in those years.

Here are the main research questions that I have thought of:

• What was the reason for the popularity of the LPF and the VVD, at the time they were led by intolerant personalities such as Fortuyn and Verdonk, considering that the Netherlands has a tradition of tolerance?

• Was this popularity just a transitory phase in the country’s political history, or will it become a steady tendency as long as the immigration issues remain unresolved?

Please feel free to give your opinion and to head me towards some sources of information should you know any.
I'm looking fwd to hearing from you. Thanks a lot!

PS: you can write me on gmail:


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