Sunday, April 02, 2006

Research Abstracts

Greetings all,

As mentioned last week, your blog post for next Wednesday is a preliminary research abstract. It should be a maximum of 300 words and you should work together with your group to produce the abstract. It should be general enough to include your individual projects yet specific enough that it addresses some problem or situation in Amsterdam.

The abstracts should include 1) a short description of the topic (this can also be a problem statement), 2) the relevance/importance of the research, and 3) the planned research method(s). This is due (on your blogs) before class on Wednesday.

Research Groups:

1) Dutch hip hop: Building Youth Communities
Melissa Andrada
Lacy Cooper

2) Dutch Healthcare
Belinda Luk
Shilpa Coorg
Erika Reinitz

3) Jewish Identity
Chris Blair
Lisa Muhlum

4) Urban Planning in Amsterdam
Lindsey Britt
Colin O'Rourke
Tim Prouty

5) Prostitution, Drugs, and Crime: For Better or for Worse?
Shane Richards
Kathy Wei

6) Islam, Information, and Media
Demi Antzoulatos
Engy Fahmy
Rebecca Martin

7) Virtual Third Place
Aarron Kemp
Kathleen Walsh


At 10:31 PM, Blogger Demi Antzoulatos said...

please add Rebecca Martin to our group. thanks.


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