Thursday, March 23, 2006

Guest Lecture Archives

05 June 2006
Tanya Matthews, Ph.D.
Human Subjects Review Administrator
University of Washington
Box 355752
Seattle, WA 98105-6613
Phone (206) 221-7918
Fax (206) 543-9218

listen to lecture (mp3)
human subjects website

17 May 2006
Reinier Voorwinde, grad student in the Jackson School of Intenational Studies, is from Amsterdam and is completing his MA thesis on immigration issues in the Netherlands

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11 May 2006

Clarke Speed
Lecturer, Anthropology & Honors
Ethnography and Encounterology

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23 May 2006

Dennis Ryan,
Assoc. Prof., UDP/Adj. - Arch, Dir. CEP
Research Methods in Urban Studies Research,
Reading the City

reading the city bibliography
books on reserve in library
lecture notes
etic vs emic
listen to lecture (mp3)

26 April 2006

Chandan Reddy, English
Topic: Humanities Interdisciplinary Research &
Cultural Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies

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17 April 2006

Alan R. MichelsonHead Librarian, Architecture/Urban Planning Library
Honors in Amsterdam Librarian Resources
Contact information:206 543-4067
Box 355730

Library Resource/Amsterdam Website

03 April 2006
Kathie Friedman, International Studies
co-program director, Honors Rome Program
Migration trends in Europe

29 March 2006

Dr. Ran Hennes, 29 March 2006
"Dutch Geography and History"

- mp3 audio file
- supplemental narrative (pdf)


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