Thursday, April 27, 2006

Humanities Methods Assignment

Your assignment for Monday, May 1 is to defamiliarize yourself from your research topic.

Think about Professor Reddy's lecture in relation to your research:

1) Pose a question related to your research topic area that will lead to a nonverifiable story.

2) Pose a question that will lead to a verifiable story.

How are these questions different and what language do you use for each, i.e. what are the metaphors used?

Ask yourself:
How would different kinds of intellectuals read your stories?
How do the organized power regimes effect knowledge production?
What do I not know and WHY do I not know it?
What is the role of social and political reproduction in the governance of the nation state?

On Monday, be prepared to present the two questions, be self-reflexive, and discuss some of the points listed above (or you may refer to other points brought up in Weds discussion).
Please post assignment to blog.

Professor Reddy's Bio His book in progress is titled: The Migrating Present. This is a working title.

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