Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Class Discussion Wed, April 12

Discussion based on film "Submission" and chapters 11-16 in The Undutchables and Gordijn article on pragmatic tolerance (from reading packet):

"Is it o.k. for a culture to restrict immigration on the grounds of intolerance, i.e. if individuals show intolerance of other cultures/peoples, should immigration be restricted?

How will the immigration policies in other countries effect U.S. anti-immigration policy?

How far is too far in satirizing a culture? Case in point, The UnDutchables. Does this cross the line?

What are examples of satire focused on American culture? One local example: t.v. show "Almost Live". What is the American version of The UnDutchables?

How does the world see American pre 9/11 vs. post 9/11? Did the world loose hope in American people after reelection of George Bush? Before reelection, other countries blamed the administration, not the people, but after election, faith in the American people was lost.

Recommended book: Silent No More: Confronting America's False Images of Islam (by Paul Findley)


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